What Does Trump’s Win Have To Say About The Level Of Education In America?

While some are rejoicing, others are bowing their heads in shame after the recent presidential election in the US. But with Trump winning the majority of votes – what does that say about the people of America?

John.T.Scott, the professor and chair of political science at the University of California said:

“People with college degrees — and especially higher degrees — are far more likely to vote for Clinton than Trump, and visa versa.”

As it stands, it looks like the majority of America have spent less time with their heads in the books and more time finding out things such as how to cheat Turnitin.

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What Does The Future Of Education Look Like, Now That Trump Is Elected?


The US, along with the rest of the world, after still feeling the aftermath of the nail-biting elections that just took place. Now that Trump has been elected as the new president of the USA, are we looking at drastic changed when it comes to education?

And more importantly, will the country become less democratic, making cheeky educational websites such as Prescott Papers, and social media, unaccessible?

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Self-Driving Cars Will Likely Have To Deal With The Harsh Reality Of Who Lives And Who Dies

We talk about self-driving cars and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) on an regular basis here at HotHardware. At this stage in the game, self-driving cars are in fact a reality and currently roaming streets in and around Silicon Valley. These are, of course, prototype vehicles that still have a human driver behind the wheel just in case an unforeseen hazard presents itself that would otherwise stymie the AI that normally drives the vehicle.

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Slave Descendant Unites With Plantation Owner For Heartwarming Dinner 181 Years After Families Lived There

Nkrumah Steward and Family reunite on Plantation

“This was not about the past,” Steward, 44, of Canton, Michigan, told ABC News of the surreal experience. “This was not about, ‘Let’s try to fix things that we can’t ever change.’ This was about, ‘My name is Nkrumah Steward,’ and ‘My name is Robert Adams, pleasure to meet you, cousin. Let’s get to know each other.’”

The two men, one black and one white, are indeed cousins, linked by years of history that Steward has chronicled on his blog.


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